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The whole school were lucky enough to meet some incredible birds of prey today! Eagle Heights visited us with Cybil the Harris Hawk, a Peregrine Falcon named Billy Bob, Barn Owl Sparky and the largest bird of them all, a Bald Eagle called Alaska! The presentation allowed us all to learn about how these wonderful birds are adapted to living in their natural environment. Alaska walked all around the hall next to the children and even flew above their heads! Mrs Coggin very narrowly escaped Alaska landing on her head!! What an amazing experience it was and some children have been lucky enough to have a photograph taken with the birds! After the presentation, lots of the classes spent some time noting down all the interesting facts and information they had learnt.


Acorns and Chestnuts have been learning about the life cycle of the pumpkin seed! The children prepared the gardening bed ready for planting the seeds in spring and made posters with lots of scientific planting vocabulary!

Year 1

Year 1 visited the Caribbean today to explore the colourful coral reefs! The children observed the fish really carefully to create their own sketch and used the wonderful sights to inspire some excellent creative writing!

Year 2

Following the incredible Eagle Heights show this morning, the children sketched detailed pictures of the birds whilst they remembered and discussed their names alongside many interesting facts they learned.


We have also weeded the Year 2 gardening bed where we found many insects and a newt which we left alone to ensure its safety. The children have planted courgettes seeds and started a courgette diary. The seeds are in class until the plants have grown and it is warm enough out side to plant them in the year 2 planter.

Year 3

Year 3 explored the International Space Station and underwater coral reefs using the virtual reality headsets today. We learnt lots about the different areas of the ISS and what they are used for. Everything looked so different to what we use here on Earth! It was also amazing to go so deep underwater and see how fish live and survive in tropical reefs.

Year 4

This afternoon, year 4 all marvelled at the intricacies of a circuit board and travelled back in time to see the Callanish Stones on the Isle of Lewis, Stonehenge, Hadrian's Wall and the Roman baths at Bath, as well as the Palace of Westminster - all through the wonder of virtual reality headsets!

Year 5

Following the informative and exciting Eagle Heights show this morning, year 5 spent some time in the classroom noting down all the interesting facts and information they could remember as a mind shower.

Year 6

Today Year 6 dissected a sheep's pluck - the heart, lungs, liver and trachea, looking at function and form (why the lungs are light and spongy, why the trachea is c-shaped and structured). They opened up the heart and studied the atria and ventricles and discussed how the circulatory system works within a human body. It was incredible to be able to see and study such amazing organs that are usually hidden from sight!