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Health and Medication

The health of our community is a priority and we are grateful to all in that community for helping us to monitor illness and infection.  We ask that parents, carers and staff report to us, via the School Office, any confirmed cases of the following illnesses:


*  Tonsillitis

*  Impetigo

*  Scarlett Fever

*  Cellulitis

*  Diptheria

*  Meningitis

*  Mumps

*  Rubella

*  Tuberculosis

*  Whooping Cough

*  Measels

*  Slap Cheek

*  Chicken Pox


It is important, even if attendance is not affected by the diagnosis, that the School is notified, as we have  a duty to report to Public Health England, any incidence where we may have 2 or more linked cases of some of the above infections.


For more information on attendance and absence reporting, please see Parents>Attendance/Absence.


Administration of medication

If your child is prescribed medication to be taken 4 times a day, the School will administer one dose during the school day (two doses if they attend After School Club).  For more details, please see the Administration of Medicines Policy below.


In order for us to administer any medicine, we ask that you complete the form below and bring to to the School Office along with the medication.  Please note that any medication must be in the original container with the prescription label stating the child's name and date of birth.


If you have any queries, please do contact the School Office.