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Pupil Leaders

We believe passionately in actively preparing our pupils for their future in society.  It is essential to build strong foundations that will make a real difference to their future and we believe that cultural capital is about giving children the best possible start to prepare for future success.  Lady Boswell’s School imbues its pupils with knowledge and skill through their involvement in leadership and community roles as well as a healthy participation in competitive sport.  


House Captains are appointed each year.  Each candidate is required to deliver a 'manifesto' and, through a democratic system of voting, children in Years 1 to 6, along with staff members appointed to each house, elect their preferred candidate.  With two Year 6 children appointed  House Captains for each house, the children are involved in helping teachers in planning events and supporting other children.  They are expected to be role models for other children across the School and to represent their house at inter-house events.


Sports Captains are elected in the same way as House Captains.  Again, with two Year 6 children appointed as Sports Captains for each house, the children are involved with helping teachers in planning and delivering sporting events. They are required to provide a strong role model to inspire sporting excellence and, most importantly, to demonstrate good sportsmanship.  


We have a school council which allows the children in school to have a voice.  The council discusses changes and developments that the body of pupils may wish to have discussed in a suitable forum.  Each class has two school council members, voted for by their classmates and each classroom has a suggestion box in which ideas can be posted for their councillors to take to the next School Council Meeting.



Playground Prefects are appointed each year.  The Prefects, from Year 5, are each appointed a time to join the children on the KS1 playground.  Their role is to help support the children, encourage friendships and inclusion and to teach the children global games. 



Peacemakers are appointed each year.  Their role is to promote the School ethos of caring for one another and to encourage the children to better understand and handle conflict.

Our Peacemakers learn skills to enable them, alongside teachers and friends, to work pro-actively to deal with quarrels and upset.  They take part in 'Peaceworks' lessons and training which encourages a team approach to problem-solving and which encourages respect, kindness and friendship.



Some Year 6 children volunteer as Peer Mediators.  Their role is to help, alongside staff members, the children in the KS2 playground to play happily together.  Members of staff are always there to support and are the first port of call for larger or more serious quarrels.  There are two 'Mediators' on duty every lunchtime and each one wears special clothing so that they can be spotted easily should they be needed. 



Each class elects two representatives for the Eco Council.  This council discusses eco-issues and has a voice in improving the school's green status.  During the last academic year, the children became increasingly passionate about recycling and arranged for large recycling bins to be delivered to School to help encourage this. 


We were delighted a number of years ago to receive our Eco Silver award!