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All children are allocated to one of the four houses.  Our houses, chosen by the children, are named after famous mountains.

                K2  (green)
                Everest (blue)
                McKinley (yellow)
                Mont Blanc (red)

House points are awarded throughout the year for effort, achievement, good manners, citizenship and other positive behaviour.  At the end of the academic year, the House with the most points receives the House Cup.  House Captains are chosen from Year 6, as well as House Sports captains who select teams and help organise the annual interhouse sports tournaments.  Interhouse competitions include swimming, netball, football, rugby, cricket, Cross country and sports day.

The winners of the 2016-17 tournaments were:

Netball - Everest - September 2017
Football - McKinley - September 2017
Tag Rugby - Everest - May 2018
KS2 Swimming - Everest - April 2018
Cross Country - McKinley - October 2017
Kwick Cricket -  McKinley - June 2018
KS1 Sports Day - K2 - July 2018
KS2 Sports Day  - Everest - July 2018


The winners of the 2018-19 tournaments were:


                             Netball - K2 - October 2018

                             Football - Mont Blanc - October 2018

                             KS1 Cross Country - McKinley - November 2108

                             KS2 Cross Country - McKinley - January 2019

                             Tag Rugby - McKinley - November 2018

                             KS1 Rapid Fire Cricket - McKinley - February 2019  

                             Hockey - Everest - February 2019        

                             KS2 Swimming Gala - McKinley - April 2019

                             KS2 Kwick Cricket - Mont Blanc - June 2019   

                             KS1 Sports Day - McKinley - July 2019

                             KS2 Sports Day - McKinley - July 2019


The winners of the 2019-20 tournaments will be announced here as they happen:


                             Netball - Mont Blanc - January 2020

                             Football  - McKinley - January 2020

                             KS1 Cross Country - K2 - November 2019

                             KS2 Cross Country - McKinley - November 2019

                             Tag Rugby - Mont Blanc - January 2020 

                             KS1 Rapid Fire Cricket


                             KS2 Swimming Gala

                             KS2 Kwick Cricket 

                             KS1 Sports Day

                             KS2 Sports Day







Interhouse Football January 2020
Interhouse Netball 2020
Interhouse KS1 Rapid Fire Cricket
Interhouse Kwick Cricket Competition
Interhouse Tag Rugby Winners - Everest
Interhouse Tag Rugby Competition
Interhouse Kwick Cricket Winners
Interhouse Tag Rugby Winners
Interhouse Football Winners
Interhouse Netball Winners
K2 Winners of the Interhouse Crickdt
McKinley netballers in action
The Everest football team
Interhouse tag rugby