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Governor Information

Every school has a Governing Body which is responsible for the strategic direction and oversight of the school.  As a Voluntary Aided school Lady Boswell's has a majority of Foundation Governors who have a special responsibility for ensuring that the Christian foundation of the school is sustained and developed.  The Governing Body also includes the Headteacher, staff, parent and local authority Governors.  The Governing Body can appoint associate members to serve on one or more Governing Body committees and attend full Governing Body meetings. 


The Headteacher has delegated responsibility for the day to day management of the school and is an ex officio member of the Governing Body. The Rector of the church to which the school is linked, St Nicholas Sevenoaks, is also an ex officio member of the Governing Body. This role is currently being filled by the associate rector who leads the congregations which meet at the school.


The three core functions of our Governing Body are:


  • Setting the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school

  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils

  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


The full Governing Body meets six times each academic year, considers reports and recommendations, makes decisions and conducts governor business. The Governing Body approves the first formal budget plan each year; makes appointments and dismissals with respect to the Senior Leadership Team; establishes governor panels; determines the timing of the Headteacher appraisal review cycle and appoints governors to act as reviewers alongside an external advisor and institutes a health and safety policy.


Whilst the Governing Body as a whole remains responsible for the governance function, there are four distinct areas of work delegated by them to a Steering & Strategy Team, a Learning & Development Team, a Finance & Resources Team and an Admissions Team.


Chair of Governors: K Phillips


The Steering & Strategy Team is a small group of governors who work closely with the Senior Leadership Team of the school to develop strategy leading to school improvement. The team evaluates the proposed three year budget plan; reviews the vision and values of the school and ensures that these are shared with all stakeholders; takes an active role in School Self Evaluation, monitoring success in all areas and identifying areas requiring improvement; reviews the School Improvement Plan identifying monitoring opportunities for the Governing Body; reviews regularly how the school is regarded by pupils and parents; ensures that the school has in place all statutory policies and keeps these under review on a regular basis and approves policies on review; ensures that the school does not discriminate against pupils, job applicants or staff on the basis of race, religion, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation; ensures that the school has a Complaints Procedure for Parents and that parents know how to raise concerns and make a complaint and ensures that the Governing Body complies with all legal requirements placed upon them.


Chair of Steering & Strategy Team: K Phillips


The Learning & Development Team focuses on the delivery and monitoring of the annual School Improvement Plan with regards to the curriculum and reports to the Governing Body. These reports will in turn inform strategy. The team monitors the Curriculum Policy and progress against the School Improvement Plan targets; reviews pupil performance data; reviews and monitors Special Educational Needs and Disability policy and practice and reviews engagement with parents on matters relating to the curriculum.


Chair of Learning and Development Team: E Watson


The Finance & Resources Team monitors the school finance and premises. It maintains an up-to-date ‘balanced’ three year budget plan; monitors the budget; evaluates virements; analyses tenders, contracts and insurances; benchmarks the school financial performance against similar schools and reports to the Governing Body; evaluates proposed expenditure; ensures that the school is working within the guidance of the Schools Financial Value Standard and Assurance (SFVS) recommendations; ensures that all spending provides ‘value for money’ in terms of raising standards in education and monitors and evaluates the management of the Voluntary Fund and receives the audited accounts.


Chair of Finance and Resources Team: A Carpenter


The Admissions Team applies the admissions rules as agreed by the Governing Body and advises the Local Authority of the ranked list; reviews the Governing Body’s admissions rules and make any recommendations for change to the whole Governing Body; ensures that the consultation process is carried out in accordance with guidance contained in Paragraphs A8 – A14 of the School Admissions Code of Practice; supports the Governing Body / the Chair of Governors in making the case for refusing an application for admission to an Independent Appeals Panel; considers any applications for admission after the normal point of entry that may be refused; publishes the school’s Admissions Arrangements; appeals (in specific situations where the Admissions Team considers it appropriate to do so) against Local Authority directions to admit pupils.


Chair of Admissions Team: K Phillips


Chair of Governors:        Mrs K Phillips
Vice-Chair of Governors:    Mr P Wood
Clerk to the Governors:    H Barber


Lady Boswell's School,  Plymouth Drive,  Sevenoaks TN13 3RW




Mrs Kate Phillips, Appointed by the Bishop of Rochester
Kate Phillips was appointed as a Governor in 2015 and became Chair of Governors in 2016.  Over the years she has developed and implemented many initiatives at school and she was Treasurer of the PTA for nine years.  K’s career background is in corporate and investment banking.  Married to N, they have four children who have all attended Lady Boswell’s but are now studying at Judd, Tonbridge Grammar School and College.


Mrs Emma Watson, appointed by the Rochester Diocesan Board of Education 

Emma Watson was appointed as a Foundation Governor.  E grew up in Sevenoaks, and returned a few years ago following a period overseas.  Her professional background is in strategic management consultancy.  More recently, E has provided assistance to several not-for-profit organisations in the UK and in Dubai (UAE).  E worships and serves at St Nicholas Church in the 4 o’clock congregation.  She is married to G and has three children of secondary school and university age.

The Reverend Dr Gavin McGrath, Ex Officio - Associate Rector of St Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks

Gavin was appointed as an Ex-officio foundation governor. Gavin has been the Associate Rector at St Nicholas, Sevenoaks since 2012 having served churches previously in London, Sheffield, Durham as well as Vice-principal at a theological college in the USA.  Married to Janet, they have 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren.


Mrs Cindy von Kaufmann, Appointed by St Nicholas Parochial Church Council

Cindy von Kaufmann was appointed as a Foundation Governor and has been a  member of  and served at St. Nicholas Church since coming to Sevenoaks over 20 years ago. She is married to R and they have four children, all of whom attended Lady Boswell's School, with three now at university and one at Tonbridge Grammar School. C began her career teaching geography at Sevenoaks School and is currently at Walthamstow Hall Senior School where she has additional responsibilities as Co- Curriculum Coordinator,  Pastoral Leader and Assistant Head of Careers.


Mrs Diane Mckenzie-Boyle, Appointed by St Nicholas Parochial Church Council

Diane Mckenzie-Boyle was appointed as a Foundation Governor.  She is a Solicitor who has recently retired after 30 years at HMRC, working latterly in tax policy in Whitehall. Born in Birmingham a stone's throw from St. Andrew's football ground, and as part of a mixed race family (Sikh background) she was the first UK female pupil Governor at Castle Vale Comprehensive in Birmingham. She took part in the Civil Service Black and Minority Ethnic Association, as well as leading groups in the Cross-Government Christian association, and is still a member of the First Division Association trades union. From an Anglo-Catholic church background she currently worships at St. Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks. Married with one son she has lived in Sevenoaks for 30 years.


Mr Andrew Carpenter, Appointed by Rochester Diocesan Board of Education

Andrew Carpenter was appointed as a Foundation Governor. His long association with the school started in 1995 when the eldest of his, now adult, sons started in Reception. He previously served as a Governor of the school for 11 years and is a current Trustee of the Lady Margaret Boswell's Church of England Educational Charity. With retirement from his long career in professional indemnity insurance on the horizon, he is looking forward to renewing his involvement with the school. He and his wife C are longstanding members of St Nicholas, having met and subsequently married there, more years ago than they are prepared to admit!



Mrs Sharon Saunders, Ex Officio, The Head Teacher
Sharon Saunders joined Lady Boswell's in January 2010 as Headteacher.  Prior to this, she had been teaching for 24 years across all age ranges.  Prior to Lady Boswell's Mrs Saunders was a Deputy Headteacher for nine years at a local primary school where she completed her National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH).  She is passionate about ensuring that every child receives an outstanding education within the heart of our Christian school community.  She is married to Ian and has four grown up children.
Mr Philip Wood, elected by the Local Education Authority
Philip Wood is our LEA Appointed Governor.  He has been a Governor since 1990 and was originally a St Nicholas Church appointee.  He lives in Sevenoaks and is married to K.  Their two adult children both attended the school.  P has had a long business career and is now a non executive director of a US public company and a trustee of CfBT Education Trust, which undertakes school improvement and related projects in the UK and overseas.


Miss Rebecca Johnson, elected Staff Governor

Becki Johnson was appointed as a Staff Governor.  She joined the Lady Boswell's staff team in September 2016 as a class teacher. Prior to this, she completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Bath and her PGCE with QTS at Canterbury Christ Church University. Becki has taught full-time in Year 3 since starting at Lady Boswell's as well as being the school's science coordinator. In 2018, Miss Johnson was awarded 'Lead STEM Educator' status and 'STEM CPD Associate Facilitator' status. Becki plays netball, cricket, the flute and is a keen artist. Her mother and partner are also primary school teachers within the local area.


Mrs Kinvara Rogers, elected Parent Governor

Kinvara Rogers was appointed as a Parent Governor.  She and her husband, D, have 2 children at Lady Boswell’s and a pre-schooler. Alongside parenting, K works part-time as a management consultant, specialising in strategy and change management. She loves the countryside, is a keen cook and is happiest spending time with family and friends.


Mr Paul Harvey, elected Parents Governor

Paul Harvey was appointed as a Parent Governor.   He and his wife, S., both work at Sevenoaks School and have a daughter at Lady Boswell’s; their son will join the school this September. Paul teaches English and Drama and is a Sixth Form pastoral leader. He enjoys eating out, the arts and family holidays.


Mrs Helen Barber, Clerk to the Governors

Lady Boswell’s CE Primary School

Governing Body

The Governing Body  was re-constituted on 1st August 2015 and now consists of

7 Foundation Governors

1 Headteacher

1 Local Authority Governor

2 Parent Governors

1 Staff Governor

Governor Register of Business Interests September 2019

Name Date Dec Bus Int form signed Business Interest
A. Carpenter 24.02.19 Trustee of Lady Margaret Boswell's Church of England Educational Charity
P. Harvey 31.05.19 Governor of Hazelwood School until December 2019
R Johnson 27.11.18 None
D Mckenzie-Boyle 03.12.18 Director of Andrew Boyle Associates Ltd
T Nash 03.10.18 Parent works at school (TA)
K Phillips 03.10.18 Employed by Royal Bank of Scotland
K Rogers 18.05.19 Member of board of Children's Workshop
S Saunders 03.10.18 Spouse owns nursery and after school club
C von Kaufmann 03.10.18 None
E Watson 03.10.18 Friendship with school staff:  Mrs N Jude and Mrs A Saunders
P Wood 03.10.18 Trustee of CFBT Schools Trust (MAT)
Previous Governors & Associate Members (within past 12 months)    
P Walker 03.10.18 None
S Morris 15.10.18 None
K Wicks 02.10.18 Spouse is owner of Wicks Gas which provides boiler and central heating services
P Cunningham 02.10.18 Friend of owner of Aqua Swimming



Governing Body Information as at June 2020

Governor Name Governor Type Appointing Body Term of Office Committees/Responsibilities Start of Term End of Term Stepped Down Attendance Record 2018-2019
A Carpenter Foundation Rochester Diocesan Board of Education 4 years Finance (Chair); Pa;, Pupil Premiium; School Meals 12.02.19 11.02.23   FGB 6/6; Finance 6/6; Pay 2/2
P Harvey Parent   2 years Learning & Development; EYFS; Literacy Monitor 10.05.19 09.05.21   FGB 4/6; Learning & Development 1/1
R Johnson Staff   2 years Learning & Development 16.11.18 15.11.20   FGB 6/6; Learning and Development 0/1
G McGrath Ex Officio Foundation Archdeacon of Tonbridge Ex Officio   18.06.20     N/A
D Mckenzie-Boyle Foundation Parochial Church Council 4 years Finance & Resources, Health & Safety and Safeguarding 25.11.18 24.11.22   FGB 6/6; Finance 5/6; Admissions 1/1
K Phillips Foundation Bishop of Rochester 4 years Chair of Governors; Chair of Steering/Strategy Committee; Admissions; Giving to School 15.12.16 14.12.20   FGB 6/6; Steering 3/3; Admissions 1/1
K Rogers Parent   2 years Finance and Resources Committee; Pay Committee; Giving to School; Science Monitor 10.05.19 09.05.21   FGB 6/6; Finance 6/6, Pay 2/2
S Saunders Head Teacher Ex Officio   Steering/Strategy Committee; Finance & Resources Committee; Learning and Development Committee; Admissions 01.01.10     FGB 6/6; Learning & Development 1/1, Finance 6/6; Steering 3/3; Pay 2/2, Admissions 1/1
C von Kaufmann Foundation Parochial Church Council 4 years Learning & Development; Admissions; Data 09.05.18 08.05.22   FGB 5/6; Learning & Development 1/1; Admissions 1/1
E Watson Foundation Rochester Diocesan Board of Education 4 years Chair Learning & Development Committee;  SEND; SIAMS; Steering & Strategy Committee 31.05.20 30.05.24   FGB 6/6; L&D 1/1; Steering 3/3
P Wood Local Authority Kent County Council 4 years Vice-Chair of Governors; Steering/Strategy Committee; Finance and Resources; Pay & Performance Committee (Chair); Data; Giving to School 01.08.17 31.07.21   FGB 5/6; Finance 5/6; Steering 2/3; Pay 2/2
Past Governors                
T Nash Foundation Ex Officio 4 years Admissions; Learning & Development; Online Safety; Safeguarding; School Meals; Data Protection 09.04.14   18.06.20 FGB 5/7; Learning & Development 1/3; Admissions 0/1
P Walker Foundation Parochial Church Council 4 Years Chair Finance & Resources Committee; Pay Committee; Steering & Strategy Committee; Literacy Monitor 10.09.18 09.09.22 09.09.19 FGB 6/7; Finance 5/5; Pay 3/3