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Today we launched this year’s science week at Lady Boswell’s! All the children came prepared in their ‘lab coats’ this morning ready to fill them with all the scientific vocabulary they use in their learning this week.



Reception were lucky enough to be the first year group to use the virtual reality head sets this week! They were immersed in an underwater world to explore the sea, as well as looking outside our world into space! They were also busy exploring solids and liquids by seeing what happens to ice balloons when we put different materials on them. It looks very messy, exciting and a bit chilly!

Year 1
Today, both year 1 classes braved the weather and were extremely busy getting their gardening hands dirty as they prepared their gardening bed. Come spring, year 1 are going to be growing California wonder peppers, which they have also been carefully researching and learning all about in preparation for planting and harvesting later in the year.

Year 2

It was very messy in year 2 today as they discovered how our digestive system works! They squeezed different foods down tights to replicate how our food is digested inside our body. After acting out and performing the process, as well as creating some fantastic salt dough models, year 2 are now experts on digestion and I’m sure they’ll be happy to tell you all about what they’ve learnt if you ask them!

Year 3
Year 3’s explorify challenge involved using our careful observation skills to predict an object from zoomed in images. We had some excellent and interesting predictions involving rugs, dog baskets, hay and jackets. We eventually found out it was in fact a teddy bear!

Year 3 were also extremely busy today investigating which materials would be best to use for a playground zip wire! They decided to test string, wool, dental floss, rope and twine. It was great fun seeing cups fly across the classroom! They had to consider which variables they needed to control to ensure their investigation was fair and valid. The investigation allowed the pupils to understand the force of friction; how it occurs and what factors can influence it. They wrote up comprehensive scientific reports of their investigation so if any of you would like to come and see what they found out, or have a go at the investigation yourself, you are more than welcome to visit year 3 on Friday after school to have a look!

Year 4
Year 4 were testing telephones today! In order to apply and consolidate their knowledge of sound, they planned and carried out their own investigations to see which types of cup, types of string and lengths of string are best to allow sound to travel most effectively! It was great fun and extremely noisy! Year 4’s Exporify challenge involved predicting the object from zoomed in images of a swirly structure. This sparked some excellent scientific discussion however also seemed to highlight that our year 4 children clearly never do the washing up!

Year 5
Today in year 5 the children studied the effects of buoyant force and density, when considering whether objects would float or sink in a bucket of water. We tested aluminium, wood, plasticine, stainless steel, coins and polystyrene with some interesting results!

Year 6
Year 6 investigated music and the power of the mind! Groups learnt a list of very tricky spellings, while listening to Bach, Mozart, pop music and one group learnt without listening to music. The results they concluded were that the group who did not have music playing, made the most progress (something that parents might have predicted!). An interesting result that lots of us could learn from, thank you year 6!