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“Through a hands-on, enquiry-based curriculum, children will experience the joy of asking questions, having wonderful ideas, exploring and investigating – that is, the joy of finding out about the world around them!”  Lady Boswell’s Science Vision (Developed by Staff and Pupils)


The intent of our science curriculum is to provide accessible, inspiring and enriched learning experiences for every child to fully maximise their scientific ability and potential. Pupils will understand the importance of developing both their scientific knowledge and skills and be able to make rich and meaningful application to other curriculum areas and to the wider world. Our science curriculum supports and encourages pupils to explore, reason and solve increasingly sophisticated contextual problems.


We help pupils to understand the value of scientific knowledge and skills for everyday life and their future. Science informs, and proves essential for, a huge range of career areas, namely science, technology, engineering and maths. Pupils have the information and opportunities to understand and be inspired by this; to be scientists of the future!


Our Science Co-ordinator is Miss Becki Johnson.  Please visit your child's Class Page for details of the 'Science Bug' curriculum for their Year group and for extra-curricular Science please scroll down and follow the links.  Please see the School's Science Policy below:

Here at Lady Boswell’s we are passionate about Science!

Our children are involved in scientific investigation in many ways both linked to the curriculum and in extra-curricular projects. For details of our Science Curriculum, please see Children/Curriculum/Science, and your child’s Class Page for their Year group curriculum.

In Key Stage 2, a number of children each year are appointed as “Science Ambassadors”. Their role, together with our Science Subject Leader, Miss Johnson, is to promote science throughout the School.

We have, amongst other things, a lunchtime Science Club, hold science-based assemblies and run science competitions.

On this page, we look forward to keeping you up-to-date with our “Science News” …


In May 2018 it was confirmed that the School had achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark Silver Award. To achieve this, the School had to meet a set of criteria showing outstanding teaching and learning in science across all of the year groups. We were required to increase opportunities for all children and to include additional provision to ensure that every child could be involved in science both in and out of school. Development had also taken place in the use of our outdoor areas, such as the pond. The next stage of these awards is granted to schools offering outreach to others in the area, and as the lead science school in the Sevenoaks District, we have already started to help a number of local primary schools. PSQM awards have been made to 180 schools across the country in this tranche (2 tranches each year), including bronze, silver and gold awards.

We are extraordinarily proud of this achievement and thanks go to all of the staff at Lady Boswell’s but in particular to Miss Johnson, our inspirational and incredibly hard-working Science Subject Leader.


Science Ambassadors 2019-2020

Last Friday, we were pleased to announce our 2019-20 Science Ambassadors in Golden Book Assembly. As you may already know, this year we have extended the role into KS1 as well as KS2. This year's ambassadors will attend numerous meetings, help with science club, lead assemblies and competitions and work hard to make science even better at our school! It is such an important role and the ambassadors will now be identifiable around school with their badges.


With over 100 applications in total, competition was extremely high this year! One class was so closely contended that we've even decided to have two representatives in that class!


Huge congratulations go to all those who submitted an application, but especially to those who have been chosen to represent their class this year:


Year 1 - Annabella S & James H-B

Year 2 - Chloe A & Joe F
Year 3 - Clemmie S & Lucy E
Year 4 - Samuel S & Georgia H

Year 5 - Oscar H, Anna L & Henry C

Year 6 - Rose C & Matthew O


The world's greatest science festival!



This weekend, New Scientist Live will take you on a journey of discovery, turning London’s ExCel Centre into the most exhilarating place on Earth!


Jam-packed with thought-provoking talks, ground-breaking discoveries, interactive experiences, workshops and performances that will inspire all ages, New Scientist Live is an extraordinary day out.


The biggest ideas and burning questions of science…


Across 4 days of festival fun, discover what it means to be human, the fossils re-writing human evolution, why climate change is turning crops toxic and what DNA detective work is revealing about Henry VIII’s sailors. The biggest thinkers in science address these issues and much, much more. Are we alone in the universe? When did cosmos begin? What are the limits of AI?



With more than 120 speakers exploring the deepest depths of science, join us to expand your mind and knowledge …

Opening times
Thursday 10th Oct: 10.00am-5.30pm

Friday 11th Oct: 10.00am-9.00pm
Saturday 12th Oct: 10.00am-5.30pm
Sunday 13th Oct: 10.00am-5.30pm

It is necessary to book tickets in advance online.


6 September 2019 - Science Selfie Competition

At the end of last term, the whole school came together to acknowledge and present prizes to the winners of the 'science selfie' competition. There were so many creative entries, from all the classes, with a huge number of different investigations having been carried out at home! All of the teachers were simply amazed to see how the children engaged with their investigations and were able to present them so well, and clearly, to the rest of the children in their class. A huge thank you to you all for supporting your children to take part, it really in fantastic to see them engaging with so many STEM activities at home, as well as school!

It was extremely difficult to choose only one winner from each class, as the standard of the entries were incredibly high, however, I am thrilled to formally announce the winners below:
Year 1: Charlotte B and Eden L
Year 2: Hannah B and Bertie B
Year 3: Charlie P and Rosie M
Year 4: Maisie H
Year 5: Luca S and Eva S
Year 6: Grace P
A huge congratulations also go to Finn R and Julian D who won the KS1 and KS2 science ambassadors' quiz about space! We hope that you all like your science prizes and enjoy using them!

8 February 2019 - Bread Making

This week, Maple Class had an amazing, delicious and sticky DT Bread Making lesson; next week will be Mulberry Class’ turn! The children made soda bread, in which they could choose whether to include grated carrot, apple, cheese, raisins or mixed seeds. This term Year 2 are studying “Healthy Humans” and the children had the opportunity to compare the ingredients in pre-packed bread from the supermarket with their healthy home made soda bread.

8th February 2019 - Healthy Humans!
Last week, Year 2 were extremely lucky to be visited by two GPs (both parents) to further their ‘Healthy Humans’ topic learning. Dr Weston-Simons taught them all about their blood and how to treat injuries, and then the children practised putting one another into the recovery position! Dr Findley then visited and brought UV torches that showed the children where the germs love to hide (under the nails in particular) when we don’t wash our hands properly! The children learned how important it is to ‘eat a rainbow’ and to avoid looking at screens within an hour of bedtime. Our grateful thanks to both busy doctors for such brilliant talks.

18th January 2019 - Drusilla’s Park!
Year R had a wonderful day, last Friday, visiting Drusilla’s Zoo in East Sussex. As part of their current topic 'Winter' they received a very engaging and informative talk about penguins from James Woodward, the Education Leader at the Zoo. They were then very excited to see the real penguins as well as a wonderful assortment of other animals.

14th December 2018 - Busy Building Bird Houses!
The Donlons have been extremely busy building bird houses! They look absolutely fantastic and we are looking forward to putting them up in our school grounds. Thank you very much! We're hoping that the birds choose to come and nest in them around early spring time. We'll all keep a close eye on them to see if we have any little visitors and keep everyone informed!

7th December 2018 - Chocolate day in Yr 5!
Year 5 had a fabulously sweet and sticky time this week, designing and creating their own chocolates. This very popular lesson covers a part of this term’s DT, whilst linking with their science topic of reversible and irreversible changes! Wow, they look incredibly tasty!

30th November 2018 - Healthy sandwich-making in Year 3
Over the last two weeks, both year three classes have tried their hands at designing, prepping and making healthy sandwiches! Lots of discussion was had around the components of some sandwich fillings and how to make healthier choices. The experience allowed the pupils to better understand the importance of nutrition choices and they were able to gain some transferable DT skills too! The children were wonderfully creative and we are reliably informed that the results were delicious!

23rd November 2018 - Competition time!
Further to Thursday’s Parentmail, all KS1 and KS2 children have the opportunity to take part in the Bank of England competition to choose a scientist for inclusion on the face of the new £50 note. A further copy of the competition template can be found at the end of this week’s Newsletter. Please return worksheets to the School Office by Monday, 10th December.

2nd November 2018 - Healthy Granola!
This week, Lilac Class were busy with their science/DT project, making granola. The children discussed seasonal changes, looked at the ingredients that they used and discussed the health benefits of a balanced diet. As well as making their own delicious breakfast cereal, they designed their own labels and packaged their product to take home. Former River Cottage chef, Mr Allen, will, this academic year, be working with every year group. The children will explore different ingredients, how and where they are sourced, compare healthy vs unhealthy choices and will cook and enjoy the fruits of their labours.

September 2018 Science Ambassadors 2018-2019

This week, seven KS2 children were chosen to be Lady Boswell's Science Ambassadors! This role involves lots of responsibilities such as, helping at science club, running science competitions, helping lead assemblies and helping Miss Johnson to improve and maximise opportunities for scientific learning within our school.

Congratulations to our 2018-19 Science Ambassadors, who all submitted outstanding applications:

Year 3: Holly M and Piers N
Year 4: Kaylem B and Joe W-M
​Year 5: Oliver R and Rose A
Year 6: Starzia B

24th July 2018 - Science Selfie and Science Ambassador Quiz Winners!

This year, all of the pupils have been busy taking some creative selfies and spotting all of the science that they can see within them! Both the pupils and staff loved learning from all the different entries and were able to appreciate just how much science surrounds us!


It was a particularly tough decision to choose a winning science selfie entry from each year group. There were some absolutely fantastic selfies including farm animals, green screen technology, sports, nature, genetics - the list is endless!

​However, a huge congratulations go to this year's winners:
Year 1 = Lucy E
Year 2 = Eleanor S
Year 3 = Elijah L
Year 4 = Will H
Year 5 = Lexi W
Year 6 = Hannah C-T


The science selfie books are currently displayed in the science area (KS2 area) should you wish to have a look through some of the pupils' fantastic entries!​


Additionally, the winners of the KS1 and KS2 Science Ambassadors marine science quiz, were announced. Congratulations to this year's winners, Josh B (KS1) and Martha B (KS2). 
Thank you to this year's Science Ambassadors for all your hard work in creating and running the quizzes, and presenting the prizes. 

We hope that you all enjoy your science prizes!

Tuesday 24th April 2018 - Colin Stuart  author visit
Today, the pupils were lucky enough to attend a presentation by Colin Stuart, an author who writes books about Space! Colin demonstrated to the children how space impacts our every day lives in a number of different ways! The children explored how space is involved with time and our calendar, weather and forecasts, energy and food, as well as consider the amount of work that goes in to asteroid and meteor research to ensure our safety. It was an inspiring talk and many of the children received a signed copy of Colin's book - 'Why Space Matters to Me!'

20th/21st/22nd March 2018

This week all the pupils were lucky enough to see a huge variety of different STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) outreach shows up at Sevenoaks School.


EYFS and Year 1 enjoyed ‘The Bubbles Show’ where they learned about the shape of bubbles and what they consist of. They even got to see a bubble big enough to fit a person inside!


Year 2 loved their Science Show 'Izzy's Incredible Adventure'. It was all about a little girl trying to deliver her brother's present to him in person and all the modes of transport she needed to get there (car, boat, glider etc). The children learned about many forces - gravity, friction and uplift as well as other scientific concepts such as density and buoyancy.


When they emerged from the theatre, some of the KS1 children were lucky enough to be amazed and highly amused by Titan - an all-signing, all-dancing and VERY cheeky 7 foot robot!


Key Stage 2 were lucky enough to see a huge variety of different shows; ‘Cartoon science’, ‘The science of fireworks’, ‘The science of sport’, ‘It’s only water… or is it!?’ and ‘Beyond the Rainbow’, to name only a few. These covered large range of different scientific and engineering concepts that we’re sure the children can tell you all about! All the shows were highly interactive, with a lot of our pupils being chosen to go up on stage! The pupils experienced the importance of a very loud BANG, so loud that you can feel it! As you can see from the photo, Miss Noone also tried to stay dry whilst having a water balloon popped above her head!


Some year 6 pupils also embraced the lego engineering workshop where they had to considor the strength and balance of rollercoaster structures.

As always, a huge thank you goes to the parents that helped us walk to and from Sevenoaks School across all three days. The children wouldn’t have been able to experience such an incredible opportunity without your help.


What an incredible learning opportunity this was for all the children. We hope that they all enjoyed it and are all feeling scientifically inspired!

Monday 26th February 2018

Year R began this term’s Dinosaur topic with a Dinosaur Day. The day started with a huge surprise when a very old visitor joined the whole school for assembly, Milly the T-rex! Milly brought Jack the baby velociraptor with her and they both came to school to teach the children about the history of dinosaurs. Later in the day the Acorns and Chestnuts were able to attend a paleontological excavation site; the children took part in locating and identifying different fossils such as an Apatosaurus skull and a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth. During the workshop the children learnt about different dinosaurs’ habitats and diets and had great fun fossil hunting!

Wednesday 24th 2018 – Sevenoaks School Science Fair 2018

On the 20th, 21st and 22nd March 2018, Sevenoaks School will host 3 days of STEAM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). Lady Boswell’s has managed to secure a number of places to a range of KS1 and KS2 shows and workshops including ‘cartoon science’, ‘science of fireworks’, ‘science of sport’ and many more!

It is such a great opportunity for all of our pupils to experience at least one of these inspiring, interactive shows!



Monday 22nd January 2018 – ‘Fishkeeper Fry’

We are extremely lucky, and excited, to be a part of the primary ‘Fishkeeper Fry’ project, led by Maidenhead aquatics. We have been donated a brand new fish tank and associated equipment ready to embark on our fishkeeping journey. Positioned in the KS2 corridor, all the children are able to see the key steps in how to set up and maintain a successful fish tank for tropical fish. However, Miss Johnson’s year two science club (terms 3-4) are going to be our main Fish keepers, and take the lead in setting up and learning all the important information and processes Fishkeeping involves! Their hard work will be displayed in the school science area – do ensure to have a look when you are passing our new swimming friends!



Smash29 November 17

WedneYear 2 had an eggs-ellent time doing their Egg Drop Challenge as part of a special Science Day. In coming up with a design to protect their (unboiled) egg, they needed to think about the relative merits / uses of various materials.


The chThe challenge also instigated a discussion of 'fair test' conditions and the children had to take into account those variables which th they they could not control, including differences in the thickness of the egg shells and sudden gusts of wind! It was great fun and they decidedecided NOT to have scrambled egg for lunch. Our thanks to parents and carers for sending in everything from pillows to loaves of bread!

Friday 19th January 2018 – After School Science Club
An after school Fizz Pop science club will be starting for Years 4, 5 and 6 in Term 4 (starting 22/02/18). Letters have been sent home with the children today which contain all general information as well as information about online booking and payment. It will be a fantastic opportunity for the children involved so do hurry as places are first come first serve, and will undoubtedly fill quickly!



Tuesday 16th January 2018 - Womery

A HUGE thank you from us to Mr and Mrs Bland and the girls for building us this wonderful school wormery! We can't wait to fill it with rich soil and worms ready for them to work hard at composting some of our school waste such as fruit peel and much more! We will let you know once the wormery is up and running so that you can all come and have a look and see the worms hard at work!

Monday 15th January 2018 – Science Week

Today marks the start of our annual science week! We have lots of wonderful investigative activities in store! We are also lucky to be having some exciting visitors including Eagle Heights, Space Fund and Fizz Pop Science. Remember to follow everything that we are doing across the school in our Science week blog (School Life > Science)!

22 November 17 - Year 3 Rocks and Fossils Workshop
Year 3 enjoyed spending Wednesday morning as geologists and palaeontologists during their rocks, fossils and soils workshop. They investigated a huge collection of rocks and crystals, observing different shapes, textures and formations, as well as some extraordinary fossils from millions of years ago! The real mammoth's tooth and hair was a favourite!
17 November 17 - Science Ambassadors
This week, eight KS2 children were chosen to be Lady Boswell's Science Ambassadors! This is a new role this year and involves lots of responsibilities such as, helping at science club, running science competitions, helping lead assemblies and helping Miss Johnson to improve and maximise opportunities for scientific learning within our school.

Congratulations to our 2017-18 Science Ambassadors, who all submitted outstanding applications:

Year 3: Erin F and Charlotte E
Year 4: Evie M and Esme M
​Year 5: Theo C and Ben S
Year 6: Tilly S and Leo McF