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“Through a hands-on, enquiry-based curriculum, children will experience the joy of asking questions, having wonderful ideas, exploring and investigating – that is, the joy of finding out about the world around them!”  Lady Boswell’s Science Vision (Developed by Staff and Pupils)


The intent of our science curriculum is to provide accessible, inspiring and enriched learning experiences for every child to fully maximise their scientific ability and potential. Pupils will understand the importance of developing both their scientific knowledge and skills and be able to make rich and meaningful application to other curriculum areas and to the wider world. Our science curriculum supports and encourages pupils to explore, reason and solve increasingly sophisticated contextual problems.


We help pupils to understand the value of scientific knowledge and skills for everyday life and their future. Science informs, and proves essential for, a huge range of career areas, namely science, technology, engineering and maths. Pupils have the information and opportunities to understand and be inspired by this; to be scientists of the future!


Our Science Co-ordinator is Miss Hannah Cheeseman.  Please visit your child's Class Page for details of the 'Science Bug' curriculum for their Year group and for extra-curricular Science please scroll down and follow the links.  Please see the School's Science Policy below:

Here at Lady Boswell’s we are passionate about Science!

Our children are involved in scientific investigation in many ways both linked to the curriculum and in extra-curricular projects. For details of our Science Curriculum, please see Children/Curriculum/Science, and your child’s Class Page for their Year group curriculum.

In Key Stage 2, a number of children each year are appointed as “Science Ambassadors”. Their role, together with our Science Subject Leader, Miss Johnson, is to promote science throughout the School.

We have, amongst other things, a lunchtime Science Club, hold science-based assemblies and run science competitions.

On this page, we look forward to keeping you up-to-date with our “Science News” …


In May 2021 it was confirmed that the School had been awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark Outreach Award.  This is the highest possible level of PSQM Award.  In order to achieve this, we not only had to evidence consistency of outstanding science teaching and learning across the School, but also evidence provision of STEM outreach, both locally and nationally - providing high-quality training for STEM education staff/providers and STEM learning opportunities for pupils across the country.


The PSQM assessor specifically noted the abundance of opportunities that Lady Boswell's pupils have to not only excel in science and STEM-related subjects, but develop their science capital - developing an interest and passion for science which extends further than the classroom.


We are extraordinarily proud of this achievement and thanks go to all of the staff at Lady Boswell’s but in particular to Miss Johnson, our inspirational and incredibly hard-working Science Subject Leader.


Please do follow our latest 'science news' through our weekly Newsletters.  Follow this link for our Newsletter page: