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At Lady Boswell's we aim to serve our community by providing an excellent education for pupils of all abilities and backgrounds in the context of Christian belief and practice. We encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and  promote Christian values and spiritual development through the experience we offer to all of our pupils.

"The school's values of love, honesty, faith, forgiveness, respect and kindness are instilled in pupils so that they support one another and work together very well, creating a calm effective learning environment.  The school aims to help pupils 'feel their worth' as unique children of God and the curriculum is organised to this end."  (SIAMS 2018) 

All the children participate in a daily act of collective worship which reflects our Christian foundation and character, although all parents have the option to withdraw their child should they so wish.  This year, we introduced Early Years Worship for our youngest children to worship separately for three days a week, based on the principles of 'Godly Play'.

Our Worship Council meet regularly with the Deputy Headteacher.  They help open and close our assemblies, write prayers and plan whole assemblies.

Picture 1
Picture 1 Year 3 Gurdwara Trip 2018
Picture 2 Year 2 Synagogue Trip - June 2018
Picture 3 KS2 Carol Service 2017
Picture 4 KS1 Nativity 2017
Picture 5 Prayer Day May 2017
Picture 6 Bishop James visit to the School
Picture 7 Nativity Perfomance December 2016
Picture 8 Year 6 Trip to Gurdwara
Picture 9 KS2 Carol Service
Picture 10 Year 6 Trip to Rochester Cathedral
Picture 11 KS1 Nativity Service
Picture 12 KS2 Carol Service
Picture 13 The batiks are displayed in the entrance hall
Picture 14 One of the batiks made by the children in RE Week
Picture 15 The children made their own prayer stones
Picture 16 Giving thanks during prayer day
Picture 17 Easter - dreams and hopes
Picture 18 Easter - sharing our sorrows
Picture 19 Year 5's Lenten promises
Picture 20 Our Early Years' Worship room
Picture 21 Our Spiritual Garden
Picture 22 Our Spiritual Garden
Picture 23 Our Spiritual Garden
Picture 24 Our school motto
Picture 25 Thinking about Pentecost
Picture 26 Pentecost - the Holy Spirit came
Picture 27 Remembrance Day
Picture 28 Day Of prayer
Picture 29 Day Of prayer
Picture 30 Prayers for our world
Picture 31 Year 4's prayer corner