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At Lady Boswell's PE is a central feature of our curriculum which our children enjoy and value. Our aim is for every child at our school to develop a sense of passion and commitment to succeed  and self efficacy within the subject.

All children are provided with the opportunity to experience a vast array of modern sports that encourage them to show exceptional independence, think for themselves and take initiative. Our sporting curriculum enables pupils to develop their mental determination and physical strength, stamina, speed and flexibility to cope with the demands of different activities. Leadership opportunities are provided in many forms for sports, given that the majority of our children will one day have careers that require them to lead.


Through quality first outstanding teaching our children are empowered to have a well-developed understanding of the importance of physical fitness, and the need for a healthy mental wellbeing. We aim to inspire all children to find a sport they are passionate about, giving them pathways to compete and seek extra-curricular sporting opportunities. A significant proportion of our students continue to participate in PE and Sport during the next stage of their education. The vast range of enrichment opportunities we provide to our children to help them improve their performance is exceptional and develops in our children an understanding of the need for an active healthy life.


Through an inclusive approach to teaching sports our pupils of all ages, gender, interest and abilities acquire new knowledge and skills at an exceptional rate, and are all provided with enrichment opportunities within sports.  Our curriculum has a rich competitive element that prepares our children for coping with life in a competitive world upon leaving us.


Our children are equipped with fundamental lifesaving and water safety skills, and are provided with every opportunity to enable them to competently, confidently and proficiently swim 25m



Picture 1
Picture 1 Year 3 and 4 Sevenoaks Swimming Gala Team - Jan 20
Picture 2 Interhouse Netball Jan 2020
Picture 3 Interhouse Football Jan 2020
Picture 4 Sevenoaks Tag Rugby Festival B Team - May '19
Picture 5 Sevenoaks Tag Rugby Festival A Team - May '19
Picture 6 Cross Country Team - April '19
Picture 7 Girls 'Red' Tennis Winners - May '19
Picture 8 South East Region - Boys Freestyle Team - May '19
Picture 9 Alternative Sports - January 2019
Picture 10 Kent Basketball winners January 2019
Picture 11 Sports Leaders October 2018
Picture 12 Plate winners - St. Michael's School October 201
Picture 13 Girls Kent Tennis Doubles Teams
Picture 14 Interhouse Tag Rugby - May 2018
Picture 15 District Swimming Gala Winners - May 2018
Picture 1 Year 6 & 5 Cross Country Team - April 2018
Picture 2 Hockey Team - April 2018
Picture 3 S'oaks District Netball - Plate Winners March 2018
Picture 4 Year 2 Heptathlon Winners - June 2017
Picture 5 Sevenoaks Tag Rugby Winners May 2017
Picture 6 District Swimming Gala Winners May 2017
Picture 7 American Football Kent School Champions April 2017
Picture 8 Football Tournament Winners March 2017
Picture 9 Netball Team March 2017
Picture 10 Swim Squad March 2017
Picture 11 Sevenoaks District Cross Country October 2016
Picture 12 Kelly Holmes with Sports Captains 2016
Picture 13 Sevenoaks Tag Rugby Festival 2016
Picture 14 KS1 Sports Day July 2016
Picture 15 District Sports June 2016
Picture 16 Kwick Cricket Tournament July 2016
Picture 17 Tag Rugby Festival September 2015
Picture 18 Somerhill Cross Country October 2015
Picture 19 Kwick Cricket Team 2016
Picture 20 Year 6 v Staff Football March 2016
Picture 21 Somerhill Cross Country October 2015
Picture 22 Orange Boys Tennis
Picture 23 Red Boys Tennis
Picture 24 Orange Girls Tennis
Picture 25 Winners of the District Swimming Gala
Picture 26 Kwik Cricket skills - batting this week!
Picture 27 The winning team from interhouse cricket
Picture 28 A great run!
Picture 29 Winners of interhouse Tag rugby
Picture 30 Saturday Football Club
Picture 31
Picture 32
Picture 33 Ahead of the pack!
Picture 34 Tennis Team
Picture 35 The School trophy cabinet
Picture 36 Cross country competitor
Picture 37 Fast bowling
Picture 38 K2 Winners of the Interhouse Cricket