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Lady Boswell’s geography curriculum’s intent is to develop pupils’ curiosity and fascination with the world around them. The broad and rich curriculum aims to introduce pupils to the incredible physical world of our planet, its climates, continually changing landscape and its ocean environments. From their learning experiences they will develop a sense of wonder and respect for the world and a sense of their personal responsibility towards it. This is very much linked to our Christian ethos of loving and caring for the world God created.


In addition, the curriculum encourages a sense of interest, appreciation and understanding for the many cultures which make up the world, where they are located and how the landscape and location affect their way of life.



At Lady Boswell’s, our History curriculum is broad and rich. It offers children the opportunity to explore events that have happened in the past and how this might shape the future. Children have a wealth of good quality artefacts and experiences, including trips and visitors to school, which contribute to excellent learning opportunities within the history curriculum.

Please see your child's Class Page for the details of their current Year Group Humanities topic-based teaching.
Picture 1 Year 2 Flying to Kenya
Picture 2 Our signpost
Picture 3 Our decorative mural timeline
Picture 4 Year 4 Roman Day
Picture 5 Year 6 WW1 Day
Picture 6 Year 4 Lullingstone Trip
Picture 7 Year 2 Great Fire of London
Picture 8 Year 3 Butser Farm Trip
Picture 9 Year 3 - Ancient Egyptian Day
Picture 10 Year 5 Greek Day
Picture 11 Year 4 Viking Day
Picture 12 Year 6 WW2 Evacuees
Picture 13 Year 2 Great Fire of London flame dance
Picture 1 Year 6 WW2 Spy School